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Intarsia parquet

Intarsia parquet – it is the highest level of parquet mastery.

In times of old it was decorated in exclusively royal chambers and houses of grand people – hence its name.

Design of Intarsia parquet is differed by the intricacy of forms: here are used various details of curved shapes, floral designs, monograms and variety of highly artistic compositions are created from these details.

Around 100 different wood species can be used in the design of Intarsia parquet for one apartment. Not only colour and texture of the wood surface, but also its physical characteristics come into account by the wood species selection for the drawing. Selected wood species should deal themselves equally by the influence of mechanical loadings and changes in temperature and humidity.

Intarsia parquet easily deals with the subject of apartment’s style and used successfully as for creating of classical interiors so in solution of trailblazing innovative projects.

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