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Photo Gallery

To Your attention there are a bit our best works:

• Work carried out in countries - Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, United Arab Emirates, etc.

(72 photos) 1

• Elite VIP parquet projects in Ukraine, Kiev region., In the Crimea, in the western and eastern regions of Ukraine

(104 photos) 2

• Budget projects for different taste and relish, made both separately and in combination with expensive projects

(37 photos) 3


For many years we got lot of positive feedback. Photo of our works regarding production and parquet installation of different styles and in demand forms

•          artistic parquet

•          Intarsia parquet

•          geometric parquet

•          laminated parquet

•          premier parquet

•          cork parquet

•          industrial parquet

•          industrial parquet

•          engineered parquet

•          sport parquet

•          Oak parquet

•          Ash parquet

•          bamboo parquet

•          walnut parquet

•          Beech parquet

•          plank parquet

•          massive parquet

•          white parquet

•          matt parquet

•          exotic parquet

•          Ukrainian parquet

•          vip parquet

•          elite parquet

You can see works in our photo gallery.


Photo catalogue of VOLUNTA parquet board, which is among the first to produce three layered parquet board. VOLUNTA parquet board is best seller in Germany, till 70% of parquet and laminate sales.


Our specialists got an experience in parquet board installation from producers. You can order VOLUNTA products as on-line parquet.

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