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Thermowood (TMW)

What is Thermally Modified Wood (TMW) - thermowood.

What we produce, assemble and install: thermo parquet and flooring, terraces and decking, cladding and facades.


Thermally modified wood (TMW) goes from different species of wood, treated in special chambers using high temperature ( about 200 – 240°C) during fixed time.

After treatment wood retains the appearance and acquires aesthetic value: it doesn’t dry out, swell or change in size with changes in humidity. Also, heat treated can give wood huge range of various dark shades. At the same time this color spectrum appears not only on the surface but be distributed throughout of the depth of the product. Texture of the wood will become more pronounce. Cheap types of wood, like pine, acquire the appearance of valuable species.


Heat treatment helps protect the wood from rotting and fungal infections.


There are several important advantages:

  • Moisture-repellent reduces to 4 – 5 times (in scanty amount of absorption, but it quickly gives).
  • Dimensionally stable: with changes in temperature and humidity, the improvement of 10-15 times.
  • Absolute protection and resistance to biological attack - durability of wood grows 15-25 times.

- number of these benefits allow thermowood easily used in all climates.


Note: using of heat treatment wood sharply intensified in Europe since 2004, due to enter the European Commission ban on the use of wood treated with chemical methods in the European Union.


Products from thermally modified wood:

- Windows

- Parquet

- Wooden tile and flooring for bathrooms and kitchens

- Bathtubs and sinks

- Saunas

- Kitchen furniture

- Garden furniture

- External trim and siding of homes and buildings, fences, any outdoor facilities

- Finish yachts, paving swimming pool territories.


Examples of items from an array of heat-treated wood:

  • pt_00001.jpg
  • pt_00002
  • pt_00003
  • pt_00004
  • pt_00005
  • pt_00006
  • pt_00007
  • pt_00008
  • pt_00009
  • pt_00010
  • pt_00011
  • pt_00012
  • pt_00013
  • pt_00014
  • pt_00015
  • pt_00016
  • pt_00017
  • pt_00018
  • pt_00019
  • pt_00020
  • pt_00021
  • pt_00022
  • pt_00023
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