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Thermo facade

The first thing that attracts attention when you look at thermally modified wood - is its beauty of color, which does not concede exotic wood species.


External finishing facades, cladding walls and siding of homes and buildings will not only give a structure beautiful and an expensive look, but also great to protect the building from moisture, cold and noise. And you do not need a house to paint again next year!


Another advantage is the reduced warm-insulating properties of thermo. Compared with the conventional timber conductivity lower by 20-25%, it is important to conserve heat.

  • does not require painting;
  • durability - the absolute protection of the facade from rotting and mildew;
  • absolute ecological purity (without use of harmful chemical impregnation!)
  • does not shrink or swell when moisture and therefore retains its original appearance for many years;
  • color uniformity in the depth;
  • increased fire protection and thermal insulation properties.

Timber cladding made ​​from different woods like ash, pine, walnut, birch, alder, spruce, aspen, magnolia and others.

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