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Terraces and balconies "for 100 years" of the hard wood be practical and comfortable. Using heat treated wood will save you a lot of problems, which are caused by regular wood floor in open spaces. Neither rain and snow, nor cold and heat will not harm the terrace of the heat treated wood. Decking systems.


Terraces will retain its original appearance, despite the constant changes in temperature and humidity. Will not be subject to deformation and decay, frequency of processing is reduced to zero.


The main advantages for thermally modified wood terraces:

  • 4-5 times less water absorption than conventional boards;
  • drying and recovering 6-10 times faster without deformation and internal;
  • not afraid of fading, scratches and external damage, retains color through the entire thickness of wood;
  • do not decompose at temperature and humidity drops, the heat treatment of wood decay (deleted) polysaccharides, which are a breeding ground for the growth of microorganisms and fungi.

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